Why spit braais are awesome

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You’ve probably never sat down to wonder why spit braais are awesome, and that makes sense of course. Why would you right…? That said, I’m sure you can appreciate that Kobus and I have spent a good few hours discussing that exact topic. We came into a market with a definitive plan; to make Spit Braais more accessible to our friends in Cape Town. Why… Because Spit Braais are awesome 🙂

In my opinion – its quite simple. Spit Braais are awesome because the taste of a spit roasted lamb with our special sauce is magical. You’ve watched Breaking Bad right? Well, Spit Braai Delivery is based on the similar concept that the quality of product is the absolute king, because that’s ultimately what makes spit braais awesome. The product is what counts, and we strive to offer our customers the most amazing experience when you eat our lamb spit. Here’s a quick video as to what you can expect to eat 🙂

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why spit braais are awesome

why spit braais are awesome

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