What is a spit braai?

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What is a spit braai? A spit braai is a term derived from South African slang – its a method of cooking meat on a lamb spit rotisserie machine. The meat is slow cooked and constantly basted with flavour until is it perfectly cooked and ready to eat. At this point, the meat is carved straight off the carcass and the meal is served.

What is a spit braai?

What is a spit braai

Spit Braai’s are perfect for functions… There is nothing quite like an awesome Lamb Spit!! Its the tastiest of meals when cooked to perfection, and it leans towards simplicity & taste, rather than pretty & gourmet.

If you’re interested in seeing a spit braai in action for your next function – go to our request-a-quote page and give us a go. I promise you that you’ll never taste anything so good in your life. Our testimonials say it all.

The beauty with Spit Braai Delivery is that we offer both options:

1. Spit Braai on-site: You see the meat cook and spin

2. Delivery: This is a more cost effective option. We cook at our hub, then deliver to your party in silver heated chafing trays… Value for money, this is the most popular option – and the taste will naturally blow your mind 🙂

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To see more pictures of Spit Braai’s, click here to see them in action