Wedding catering

BobbySpit braai

wedding cateringA wedding is very often the biggest celebration of a couple’s life together, after the birth of their first child, and a key element to any celebration is the food. Wedding catering has adopted a more customisable feel in terms of catering for the bridal party instead of conforming to social norms.

Food carts are making an appearance at weddings along with non-traditional food items such as pizza and nachos.

Brides and grooms are deciding on their wedding catering based on a theme or simply their own preferences.

New Ideas for Wedding Catering

Another trend is having a spit braai delivery service make the food on site. This has massive appeal for people who love watching their food be made as well as the aroma of the food being made, filtering throughout the venue before serving time.

This trend works well for outdoor wedding venues, as setting up the spit braai outdoors creates a very relaxed feel to the event and guests can dish up and mingle as they go instead of feeling stifled in a formal setting.

Personalised Catering

Regardless of which food you decide on for your wedding, be sure not to neglect your own needs as the day belongs to you and your partner. Very often couples take other people into account and the event is hit or miss as there are too many outside influences.

Wedding catering has definitely changed over the years and it is always a pleasant surprise to see couples that own their wedding day by putting their own unique spin on traditions, whether it be the catering, décor or even the music.