Vacancy: Delivery Ambassadors for weekend work

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Tommo J Rhomburg – Hall of Fame

Position Available: Delivery Ambassador
1st Interview Assessor: Callum Rogers (SBD Head of Customer Delight)

We’re a young funky company with personality; elegant and professional. I want to you picture the following. You have arrived at the kitchen to collect the meal (a lamb spit in silver bains-marie, with salads and cutlery) which you are now going to deliver to one of our precious clients. You’ve received a job card which tells you times to collect, as well as delivery addresses.

This 1st interview is not based on any qualifications. Everyone has an equal opportunity, and the delivery of your response to this brief will hold you in good stead for consideration when we do our final appointments, as required.

Job Details

  • You must have a car.
  • The position is part time, and jobs are generally available on Fridays and on weekends
  • Jobs are ad-hoc as new orders come in.
  • As new orders come in, we assign a delivery ambassador to that job
  • We already have a team of 4 Ambassadors, and we are looking to build a team of 6. So there are 2 spots up for grabs.
  • You will be trained, but the job is really easy if you follow our simple processes.
  • Great ambassadors get great references. (see our current team of Delivery Ambassadors here)

Task / Brief + questions below:

Put yourself in the hands of our clients. Pretend for a minute that I’m a client & I’ve ordered a spit braai for my birthday party. Spit Braai Delivery will deliver the meal at 3:30pm. If that Delivery Ambassador were you, I want to see how you would arrive at my venue with my Spit Braai Meal. I’d like to see how you would present yourself to our clients, and also whether or not your car would work for our brand (I want clean & I want care). Our clients are everything to us, and your presentation and vibe is of absolute importance to me. When you arrive, our clients need to think our company has some style, but also that we’re professional. Please note that looks are not what I’m after.  I want people who will represent our brand with immense care & pride, because our ambassadors are in direct contact with our clients… Please send a photo of you standing next to your car. You will be assessed on your interpretation of this brief, and the 4 questions below.

I then need you to answer the questions below. I want to assess your level of care and heart, because with care – you’re half way there.

  1. Care: Who do you care about and why?
  2. Personality: Send me a YouTube link for any video you enjoy – I want an idea of who you are?
  3. What’s the best thing you’ve ever done for a colleague to help them out?
  4. How flexible are you on weekends?
  5. If you were at a restaurant eating, what items would you expect a waiter to have on her at all times?
  6. Do you have a phone with GPS (in order to find delivery addresses)?
  7. How does it benefit you to have this job?
  8. Hobbies x 3?

Look forward to seeing your delivery. Pun intended. Please send your application to info[@]