Our Sports Pub Grand Opening

BobbyCape Town, Spit braai

I can’t believe it’s happening this Saturday, the 30th of July! It all started after a spit braai function back in 2013… I had a day job in digital marketing, and the venue where I worked hosted a year-end sports-themed spit braai function for one of our clients. By chance, the client (Hilton) asked me to MC his function that night. We had heaps of fun as the party progressed, and even though I never personally saw the lamb on the spit, I absolutely loved the meal! I wanted more spit braai, and I wanted it more often. Then, the most random thought… Spit Braai Delivery?

The Pursuit

I just felt like I had to pursue this idea… so… being a “shoot-from-the-hip kinda guy”, 48 hours later I had a dream, a spit braai chef, a business name, a R2000 marketing budget, a website, and a Google search campaign. I was venturing into the complete unknown, but flip I was keen to give this a go. As I wasn’t a chef myself, the single & only thing I was able to rely on was my love of extraordinary service and customer-joy, which still happens to be the heartbeat of our company today. Who could ever have imagined in their wildest dreams – that 700+ functions later Spit Braai Delivery would grow to become an actual vat registered Pty Ltd company with a team of 14 of the most amazing individuals from sales to customer care, chefs to accounts, logistics to drivers and cleaners to casuals. I never knew that such blessing existed.

But then, on the 27th of July 2015… The blessings grew bigger!!

My great friend Hilton called me. “Bobs, I’m fetching you now – come for a drive with me”. It was Hilton who asked me to MC that sports-themed Spit Braai function back in 2013. He arrived a little later to fetch me, and off we went to an empty building on Brackenfell Boulevard – the old FNB building. Once inside, our conversation went something like this: “Boych, this is the new World Sports Betting Branch. We start building this week! You see that space over there… well, we’re going to build a pub & kitchen for Spit Braai Delivery, and in return I want you to make sure that my clients who visit the sports betting complex get the best service imaginable. You keen? ” And I’m like whaaaaat!? Does that kind of thing even happen in the real world? If I didn’t know Hilt, I would have thought he was joking. But I’ll never forget that moment of euphoria that streamed through my veins. It felt like a dream at first. Then, as it sunk in – it felt like the culmination of heaps of hard work… a dream was coming to fruition.

No time to rest

I didn’t have much time to rest on my laurels though. The builders were arriving from Durban the following day so I had to learn quickly. I was tasked with doing something I’d never done – to work with the foreman to build a commercial kitchen and a custom bar. Eish!! Luckily, having played sport all my life – it is ingrained in me that success is so much more enjoyable when it’s shared… so the first port of call was to complete the existing team of SBD legends to ensure we would collectively have what it takes to achieve that success, and then we could all enjoy it together.

Grand Opening

Our Grand Opening for Spit Braai Sports Pub is tomorrow, starting around Lunchtime. Our Pub is inside the classy & upmarket World Sports Betting complex, and we’ll be serving Spit Braai Meals & dop all day. A massive shout out to Hilton & Warren (CEO) from World Sports Betting for the love they’ve given us, and for the trust they placed in our hands.

Team Spit Braai Delivery

To ‪#‎TeamSBD‬ – you’re a bunch of such amazing people!! My most earnest and sincere love goes to all of you for the contribution you’ve had to the success of this company! Callum, Henry, Mariekie, James, Ferencz, Henau, Willie, Liam, Nancy, Andre, Etienne, Erica, Linique & Elanza. And of course, I could never forget our past patriots Gideon, Hanre, MC, Gustav, Cimone, Norman, Eric & one legendary Thomas J Romburgh

So come join us for the Grand Opening Tomorrow. Spit Braai meals, dop, lucky draws, sport, and fun. It’s actually just a get together to savour a very special moment.