Great Call. Now that you’ve purchased your Spit Braai Facebook Offer, lets get the ball rolling so that we can make your party a raging success!!! Your friends/guests are gonna talk about this meal around the table – its going to make you feel all awesome inside 🙂 This special was designed as a full meal!

Here’s the deal you’re after… #Lamb2die4

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1. Complete order form below!
2. Click Order Now, then you’ll be taken to the payment page.
3. We’ll call you to confirm everything!
5. Pay via EFT or CC (secure through Paypal)
6. We’ll arrive on the day with the most amazing meal!! (There’s a sample testimonial below the form)

Not sure about anything? Buzz my partner Koobs! – he’s a big legend & he’ll sort you out… 073 993 0526

Deal info:

1. Lamb Spit, Baby Potatoes, Greek Salad, Coleslaw & Garlic Rolls. And you score a choc mousse!
2. The Lamb is cooked to perfection & delivered in heated chafing trays.
3. Delivered straight to your door 1/2 an hour before eating time…
4. An extra 300 bucks gets you a waiter for 2 hours. Arrive, setup, dish, cleanup & leave.

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication” – Leonardo da Vinci

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