Office lunch lamb spit: If you want to make your staff love you, treat them to an awesome lamb spit lunch! We deliver, setup, serve, clean and leave. Just 1 and a half hours of downtime. It really couldn’t be easier, and with the balance of value verses cost, the scale leans heavily in the favour of value. Our lamb spit is so delicious and your staff will feel loved! That’s good for business.

By the time we leave, everyone will be full and raring to go. We’ve constructed a menu that is cost effective, obviously tasty, and large enough to fill a big man with a few 2nds.

Office lunch lamb spit

Menu: Our legendary lamb (200g), baby potatoes, roast veg or greek salad, coleslaw, garlic roll & choc mousse. All at 95 bucks per person. Includes heating trays, knives, forks, plates

Terms: Monday 11h00 to Friday 15h00

Office lunch lamb spit

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It’s important to keep your employees happy!

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The pull and tug of managing employees’ happiness is like a game of blackjack. As the metaphorical dealers, employers carefully scrutinize what’s on the table and hedge their bets accordingly. They must satisfy the bottom line while retaining the best and brightest around. At the same time, workers don’t want to settle for a low hand. But demanding too much may get them axed.

Who wins after the cards are dealt? On the employee side, the Harvard Business Review wagers its chips on the upbeat crew [source:Fleischauer]. The team players who contribute cheerfully around the office have the greatest chances of surviving lay-offs.

You see, thats why its important to order your lamb spit office lunch today so you can treat your staff 🙂

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