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Groupon Spit Braai Deals – URGENT NOTICE

This is an urgent notice regarding the Groupon Spit Braai Deals being run in Cape Town. Please note that Spit Braai Delivery do not supply Groupon Spit Braai deals! We have been forced to write this post as we have received many phone calls from customers who have not received their orders, and have associated us with the deals being run by Groupon, calling to find out why “we” haven’t delivered their meal yet!

I’m sorry if this post seems brash, but its important that we protect our brand name and industry, especially considering that we were the first Spit Braai Company to Deliver Spit Braai Meals, and others have tried to capitalise on both our name and service offering, in an attempt to increase their product range, sales and growth. One of the companies running the Groupon Special is run by someone who used to work at Spit Braai Delivery, but left in March 2015, and within 6 weeks started marketing exactly the same product, via Groupon. The first deal he ran was a Seafood Platter, then a braai, then a Spit Braai (delivery). We hereby officially and irrevocably disassociate ourselves with any Groupon Deal.

Why we don’t do Spit Braai Deals with Groupon?

The simple reason why we don’t supply Spit Braai Meals through Groupon, is because they require you to market your offer at an extremely low price and take an unsustainable percentage of the price you pay. If you’re selling a product that doesn’t need to be made each time a Groupon deal is sold, then it can work… but in the case of a Spit Braai Meal, each deal requires the same effort and energy in terms of production of the meal, which makes things much more tricky. So in order to deliver your meal at the price that Groupon pays, corners need to be cut to make money – and that’s never good! In a nutshell, the company make almost no profit, which is why Groupon deals should ideally be used as a marketing exercise, rather than an ongoing sales tool to grow one’s business.

Groupon Spit Braai Deal

Now that you know, and we’re so sorry to hear that you’ve been let down!! If you’d like to order a Spit Braai Meal from Spit Braai Delivery, please complete our spit braai quotation form. Then finally, if you’d like to meet us, please feel free to pop in at our Spit Braai Sports Pub in Brackenfell.

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    Groupon Spit Braai Deal – Urgent Notice