Dinner for 5 | Spit Braai – Northern Suburbs

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You’ve got some friends coming over for a visit and you feel like spoiling them. We have the perfect dinner for 5! How about a lamb spit meal with the following set menu: 200g lamb spit, baby potatoes, coleslaw, pasta salad & garlic roll per person. Just like that, you’ve sorted your guests out with an amazing dinner for 5 🙂

If you need a sweet for desert, choc mousse always does the trick?! If you’ve got 10 or more people, we can delivery anywhere in Cape Town, and we’ll need 24 hours notice. Rushing when it comes to the taste buds is never a good thing…

Dinner for 5 Special

dinner for 5

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Due to fluctuating food prices, please appreciate that prices of specials could change once 30 days have lapsed since advertised.