Christmas day lamb spit competition

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spit braai competition

Hey, thanks for entering our Christmas day Lamb spit competition. One lucky sod will be blessed enough to have us lamb spit the most amazing meal for you and your family on Christmas day!! I want to give you every chance of winning, so I’m going to give you a heap of ways that will help you gain more entries – and because those entries will help spread the Spit Braai Delivery love, you get an extra entry for every action 🙂

Entry 1 and 2 is for liking & sharing the comp post on our FB page here. There are 10 additional entries for the taking… I dont think many people will go through the hassle, so each action will dramatically increase your chances!!

The draw will take place on Friday 27th June and we’ll select the lucky winner like we did for the last comp – Live on video – check it out here

Christmas day Lamb spit competition

spit braai competition

The Mega Prize is a Lamb spit meal for 15 people on Christmas day

Menu: 200g lamb, baby potatoes, coleslaw, greek salad, garlic rolls and choc mousse 🙂

How it works: We cook & prepare the lamb spit (de-boned, carved & basted). We deliver to your venue a half hour before the meal in silver chafing trays, and setup like a buffet. The salads come in bowls with dishing up utensils. This all means you’ll get the most amazing meal with your family, and you’ll all be able to put your feet up and enjoy the day with each other

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1. Join our FB community (If you have already, you’ve got this one covered)

2. Would you recommend Spit Braai Delivery to your mates on FB?

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3. Get in on the conversation with us on Twitter

4. Tweet us your answer: What Superhero do you wanna be? #SpitBraaiDelivery

5. Wanna tell your Twitter followers about this awesome comp!!

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6. If you’re logged in to Gmail, tell your mates to enter!

7. Add Spit Braai Delivery to your circles

8. Google +1 us

9. Become a VIP

No spam – spam is for skelms 🙂


10. Let us know in comments how many actions you took, and we’ll add 1 more 🙂

That’s it – thanks for playing and GOOD LUCK!!!

Christmas day lamb spit competition