Chafing trayChafing tray instructions

Your lamb and potatoes will be carved, de-boned & basted…then placed into silver chafing trays (bain-marie). Our delivery representative (We call them Patriots) will setup your delicious lamb spit buffet for you. In the event that you would only like to eat a little later than planned, here are the instructions.

Note: Your meat won’t dry out while it sits in the chafing tray – on the contrary… It will get more succulent 🙂 The purpose of the chafing tray is to ensure your meal is hot; through convection. And it works like a charm!


  1. Add water (3-4cm in depth) into the tray underneath the meat – the hotter the water, the quicker it will heat up. Rather too much water than too little, because it will slowly evaporate. Adding water is the most crucial step, because without the water – you won’t get the convection you’re after, and so the food won’t get hot. Never mind the smell when the chafing tray starts burning 🙂
  2. Once you’ve added the water… You are ready to fire it up.
  3. Open the chafing fuel (under the tray) – there should be 2 per tray. Please keep the lids, because you’ll use them to put the flame out when you’re done eating.
  4. Light the jelly inside, and place the container back on the level surface area under the tray (please be careful).
  5. Now make sure the lid on the top of the chafing tray is closed, and allow the water to come to a boil. This will create steam… and that’s the convection we’re after.
  6. The heaters can be on for anything from 1hr30 minutes to 2hrs10mins. If you exceed 1 and a half hours, just make sure you check that there’s water in the under-tray.
  7. Your lamb spit is now perfect to dish up. Time to eat 🙂

After Meal

  1. When everyone has finished eating, place the lids back on the chafing fuel container (this will put the flame out). Again, please be careful and don’t burn yourself!

I trust you’re going to enjoy your Spit Braai Delivery experience!!

Team #SpitBraaiDelivery