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Your best mate is getting married, and as the best man you’ve been asked to organise the bachelors. You’re starting to plot his demise, and as part of the plan you’re now looking for a bachelor party catering partner who can organise you a mans meal to fill you all up while you’re getting pissed 🙂 A reasonably priced super tasty lamb spit meal would obviously be the tits!? I used that analogy because you’ve been told you can’t go to Teazers. If you were, you’d be eating there cos the food is amazing!

Bachelor party catering | Spit Braai

Game Plan

We slow cook the Lamb, de-done and baste, then put it into silver chafing trays and bachelor party cateringdeliver it to the venue where you okes are planning to eat… with disposable cutlery, serviettes, salads etc. Everything one time! We’re not gourmet though, but these guys are. If you’re playing paintball, or you’ve found a cool overnight spot, you boys will need a meal at some point (just make sure the venue allows catering). We’ll deliver the meal straight to your venue half an hour before you guys plan to eat. We setup, then dish and leave while you all start to eat. We do lunch or dinner. Breakfasts too, but you’ll need to call us for breakfast options – we’ll need to personalize…

Menu Options

We have a heap of menu options but in reality its build your own. You can have what you want provided the lamb spit is the main thing you’re after.

But, because we’ve got your back, and bachelor party catering is our thing, here’s our tried and tested menus. We have specials here for 95 bucks pp.

Menu 1 Ideas
200g Lamb, baby potatoes, potato salad, garlic rolls, pasta salad

Menu 2 Ideas 
200g Lamb, chicken thigh, baby potatoes, potato salad, garlic rolls, pasta salad

Note: Prices are quoted per person

Ready for a Order? | Just make sure you select “Bachelors” under “type of party”

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Bachelor party catering at its finest. “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication” – Leo Da Vinci