Absa Payment Pebble

BobbyEverything Lamb, Spit braai

Absa payment pebble is awesome!! It has added so much value to our business it’s frightening… and those who have dealt with Spit Braai Delivery will know that I’m a sucker for great service! From the first application to my dealings with Clayton, to the delivery of our devices, and the subsequent use thereof. You see, what makes the Absa payment pebble huge for our business is that the person booking the function doesn’t need to always carry the deposit, meaning all guests can pay individually on the day.

Also, clients can pay via credit card on budget if the function is only a few months away. Payment pebble gives our clients options, and that’s what I’m loving about it.  Oh, and just so you know, this post is unsolicited – in fact, we don’t even bank with Absa.

Absa Payment Pebble

Absa payment pebble

How it works

There’s an app that is pre-downloaded – and the device (we have 3) is “synced” with the device. You then hit “start transaction”, add amount & insert card. The client then adds their pin on a roller thingymajig, which is designed so no-one can see what numbers you’re pressing. It actually makes it really secure which I’m very happy about.


The upfront costs are really minimal (like very minimal) – I’m not going to quote prices in case Absa changes it, and I don’t want to have to keep a look out. From a % per transaction point of view: 3.75% if you don’t back with Absa, and 3.2 if you do. Again, that may change…

Are their any area’s where the device can improve? Yes. Im not sure if its possible or not, but it does take a a about 3 minutes per transaction. If Absa could get that down to about 2 minutes, I reckon its a 100% winner. I’m going with 95% at this point.

If you’re interested in exploring the Absa payment pebble: Click here